Early Season Squampton Style

Downloading the Wizard chair on Blackcomb in July after a sunny afternoon of shredding the glacier you start to realize just how far away the beginning of the next season really is, and how bored you are going to be for the rest of the summer season. But this year things were going to be different. After realizing that riding strapless was just how things were going to be from now on, we made a decision to start building our own skates... Anyone who tells you that you can build a pair of skis or a snowboard at home in the garage for a relatively low cost is full of shit! Yes, you can build skis or snowboards at home, however the relatively low cost is definitely relatively expensive unless of course you swim in your tank full of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck... That being said here we are, the next season has arrived and we are Squampton Snowskates. Due to some unforeseen supplier issues we still have yet to produce any snowskates, but oh how we have been working hard in the shop preparing for the arrival of our last supplies! We have so much plastic that the shelves are drooping, cores are stacking up (not to mention the sawdust) and the press is ready to, well, PRESS! In the mean time we have been shredding both mountains (Whistler/Blackcomb) hard, and although much more snow is needed we have been doing our best with what we have. From grimy log jibs to perfectly manicured jump transitions in the park, we slay it all while trying our hardest to slow down and record what we can so we can share with all of you through social media etc... So please relax and enjoy, the 2013/14 season is underway and it promises to be a lot of fun. - Jon Samborski {Squampton Snowskates}

Jesse Davidson showing off under the Big Red Chair @ Whistler

Jesse Davidson early season freshies @ Whistler