North Shore Open of Snowskating @ Cypress Mountain

Leading up to the North Shore Open at Cypress Mountain in Vancouver BC, home to the 2010 Olympic Games, there was definitely a lot of excitement. Until the beginning of the 2013/2014 season, snowskating was not allowed at Cypress and we had found that out first hand the year before, when we were told over the phone that yes snowskating is allowed, and then as we got off the first chairlift we were stopped and told that in fact, no, we were not allowed to snowskate.

Then low and behold there was a post on the Canadian Association of Snowskaters(CASSK8) facebook page that was claiming not only was snowskating going to be allowed at Cypress the following year, but there was going to be a snowskating event! How exciting, a snowskating event so close to Squampton Snowskates headquarters, what a great opportunity to show off our skates and meet some more local snowskaters.

After arriving at Cypress and getting our lift passes all sorted out we met up with the "event coordinator" and were informed that we had to be careful as "they" were watching us and "they" wanted him gone. This didn't sound like a good start to the first snowskating event being held on a mountain where it had not been allowed only a year before, but this wasn't about to stop us either. Once we were satisfied that everyone that was coming was now present, we decided to head up the lifts and go for a warm up lap to check the place out.

Snowskaters UNITE! C-bass and Michelle from Big White, Riley from Whistler, Graham from Rayne, Jesse from Squampton and the boys from Landyachtz.

Snowskaters UNITE! C-bass and Michelle from Big White, Riley from Whistler, Graham from Rayne, Jesse from Squampton and the boys from Landyachtz.

As we all drop in and everyone around us just stares in awe at the guys on boards with no bindings, you get the feeling that this must be how the pioneers of snowboarding felt when they were first allowed to ride the lifts at resorts across North America. FREEDOM! Overall there was a real positive vibe from everyone from lifties to mountain hosts, and skiers and snowboarders alike.

The event wasn't exactly organized per se, but at the end of the day it is always great skating the snow with friends new and old. We had fun in the park and even though there was no contest or best trick or anything there was a few standouts that I would like to personally shout out. For the ladies Stephanie from Whistler was stepping up to the boxes on her first day on a bi-deck, Riley also from Whistler raised some eyebrows while charging into the banked c-box, and as usual Michelle from Big White was blowing the guys away with her powerful shredding. As for the men it should come as no surprise to those of you who have been paying attention to snowskating recently, that Sir Justin from Whistler was turning heads with his all around style and huge ollie power, and Squampton Snowskates' own Jesse also from Whistler was showing everyone that it just takes a little speed and some balls to send full size park jumps on a snowskate.

Squampton Snowskates' own Jesse Davidson showing everyone that yes in fact you can send it like a BOSS on a snowskate

All in all good times were had by everyone who attended, it was great to see C-Bass and Michelle made it down from Big White, Graham from Rayne Longboards and the boys at Landyachtz were throwing down too... See everyone next time! - Jon Samborski {Squampton Snowskates}

Landyachtz crew made it up there for the Open