Frequently Asked Questions

What is a snowskate?

A snowskate is a cross between a skateboard and snowboard. It looks a lot like a skateboard but instead of wheels it has a “ski”.  There are different size “skis” for different conditions and personal preferences. The feel of carving is much like cruising on a longboard or snowboard but with the ability/freedom to move your feet and do skateboard like tricks. In the powder the feeling is like surfing.

What type of shoes do you wear?

Anything warm and waterproof, flat heal and ankle movement is preferred but everyone has a different preference. Winter skate shoes or hiking boots seem to work the best for us.

Where can you ride them?

That might be the best part about a snowskate, you can ride them anywhere! You really don’t need much snow to have fun. With a little snow your backyard or local skate park can be hours of entertainment.

Now if you want lift access that's a bit different. They are accepted on many resorts across North America, and more every year. Some ask you to wear a foot strap when riding the lifts.  Once you get the hang of it you can ride down any run, just like you would skiing or snowboarding.